The Hungry Mum – Pack the kids for great memories

HOLIDAYING with children may require taking more stuff, but it can also provide some amazing memories.

If you want to head somewhere spectacular with your little ones but don’t know where to start, help is at hand.

Travel With Kidz manager at Caringbah, Lisa Allan, is an expert when it comes to packing up the little people and getting away from it all.

As a mum of two she knows all the tips and is happy to pass them on to her customers.

When possible, choose a night flight for younger children so as to not disturb their routine too much.

“Keep them up, let them run around the airport and generally they’ll fall asleep on the flight,’’ she said.

w1200_h678_fmax 2She recommended mentally preparing yourself for the flight from hell, so that whatever good happens will be a bonus.

‘‘Older kids are fine on a day flight and are happy to sit and watch videos.’’

Mrs Allan said there are plenty of travel bargains around at the moment, especially with Europe early bird fares for next year.

‘‘Fiji is always popular, Bali is coming back and Hawaii is a good option,’’ she said.

‘‘With the Cook Islands, direct flights are making it more appealing and it is so beautiful.

‘‘Cruising is big for families and there are good four and five star choices.’’

To beat jet-lag she suggested drinking plenty of water on the flight and getting sun into your eyes when you disembark.

‘‘Try and stay up and go for a swim,’’ she said.

 ‘‘When you see the kids having a good time it makes your holiday,’’ she said. 

“It makes the best memories.”